A summary of the grime producer clash of 2020

OUAG presents Sunday Sets: 013

Eyez laces up gloves & in strikes in 'Boxing Bars'

Cockney meets yardie as Discarda goes back-to-back with IRAH

Little Dee visits his 'Heritage' on his new EP

GHSTLY XXVII kicks off 2020 with a new visual

Squintz unleashes ferocious skill on 'GRIME' & 'GRIME2

Hitman Tiga & Viral Punk release their warry 'LDN to LA' instrumental EP

Grime meets punk and metal on PENGSHUi and Footsie's "Wiseman"

Nasty Jack begins the year with eski-influenced "Lyta Zod"

Brotherhood's Menace takes #InsightsInside60 to SBTV with 'Don't F**k With Cats'

Reloaded Sounds drop first release, Fork and Knife's "Kashmir Stag", as a free download

DeBe reps Northampton in Skepta-inspired video for "Nuffin Long"

zonae marks the new year with his '2020' instrumental EP

A new contender appears in the Dot Rotten beef as Dizzle AP drops 'Nitty Behaviour'

Armour drops some truths about the roads in 'Muddah Don't Need Dat'

Wiley takes a trip down memory lane in 'The Game' remix under new moniker Eski Sound

OUAG presents: Our favourite tracks/albums of 2019