Interview: Once Upon A Grime meets DJ Vectra

Name: Vectra
Age: 23
Location: North Weezee
Crew: None
Occupation: DJ/ Digital Record Label CEO

OUaG: Most people know you as the Rinse FM DJ. What else do you do other than work on Rinse FM that we may recognise you from?

Vectra: For the past year I’ve been putting on under 21 events with Music Company called Bigga Fish. I’ve also got free download compilation called ‘I’m in Control’. I’m looking to bring that back 2010 and also the Digital Record Label.

OUaG: How did the Rinse link come around?

Vectra: I was on freeze fm at the time and Spyro and Jay 5 told Stirlin who was at Rinse at the time about me. He locked into my show on freeze he heard what he like and offered me a show.

OUaG: What other radios have you featured on in the past?

Vectra: Freeze, Manic, Passion, Raw Mission, Raw UK, Raw Blaze, UK Flow, Choice, 1Xtra, Radio 1, Have It and Heat FM to name a few.

OUaG: On the same note as the Rinse question, how did that come around? I’ve seen artists like Bashy, Ghetts & Devlin at those parties. So it is a growing event I can only assume?

Vectra: You know what it’s been around since I was about 13/14 but took a long break. It was the first place I DJ’d at as well. A lot of acts have performed there from So Solid, Pay As U Go & Heartless to Ghetts, Grim, Logan and the Crazy Cousins.

OUaG: You were part of the SLK crew that had the hit ‘Hype! Hype!’ What happened? You kind of just disappeared after that (SLK that is).

Vectra: 'Hype Hype' I’d say was the rise and fall of SLK. I think if that tune never came out, SLK would still be about, it caused arguments. At one point it was almost like there was 2 SLK's. The polished TV/magazine going commercial radio side and the underground side that was still going to pirate radio and doing stuff locally ,while the others went America and that do more music things like that.

OUaG: The track got signed to Ministry of Sound. Without their backing, do you think you’d be where you are today? Would you even still be in music?

Vectra: Personally, the tune getting signed didn’t make a difference to my life or boost me as a DJ. Plus, people that was rated in SLK weren’t on the tune and Flirta D was already big.

OUaG: Were you still around in SLK when they had the Channel U hit ‘Norf Weezy’?

Vectra: Yeah, I was there. I was in SLK until the day it died. But North Weezee wasn't really a SLK tune. It was people from North West and some SLK members.

OUaG: I understand you’re the CEO of the label ‘DRL’ (Digital Record Label). What made you want to start your own label?

Vectra: A lot of good music doesn't get released. When I do radio shows or raves, people ask when some tracks are coming out and 99% of the time there not. So I thought I might as well provide a service to the listeners and people who do have ways to get these tracks via digital downloads and maybe even CDs down the line.

OUaG: Which artists are signed to the label?

Vectra: Darq E Freaker, Teeza, J Beats and I need to confirm with Roundtree and Z-Dot

OUaG: Is the label strictly one genre? Or a mixture of talent?

Vectra: A mixture really. I like all kinds of music. I like Dubstep, House, UK Funky & Electro. Those genres just being a few examples.

OUaG: Can we expect any releases from any of those guys in 2010 as you said you’re ‘bringing it back’?

Vectra: Yeah defiantly. Look out J Money releasing in 2010 as well.

OUaG: And what can we expect from you in this new decade personally?

Vectra: More mix compilation and better DJ’ing from me (laughs).

OUaG: Finally, the standard question in every interview, any famous last words before we end?

Vectra: Big up all the DJs, MCs, and producers. The bloggers and listeners. Follow me on and contact me on and big up yourself for the interview keep up the good work.