Sketchman - The Final Draft (Free Download)

Sketchman returned on Christmas day by giving us his new mixtape away for free! 22 tracks with 3 of those being 'bonus tracks'. A mixture of tracks on this one to keep the audience interested. The second track 'Deal Widda Dub' being my favourite due to the Dubstep beat produced by Mr Noisy. You've got your typical dark Grime tracks like 'I'm Bad' featuring OT crew member Dogzilla. Not the worst feature to have on your mixtape. Neither is the 99p mixtape man Killa P, OGz front man P Money or the guy who gave you a 'Tour of Bow', Lee Brasco. Your last two tracks (being the bonus two) featuring Becky Sutton are your more up beat dance tracks. Not something you'll hear playing at your local Liquids or Oceana in between 'Bang Doe?' or 'Migrane Skank', but something you'll play when your Mum makes you do the washing up. Overall, a good listen and worth the feature of our daily download, which being Sunday, is the mixtape Sunday download. If this hasn't convinced you, check the 'showreel' below and click the picture above for the download link.