Interview: Once Upon A Grime meets Voltage

Throughout 2010 Voltage was pretty much silent. The odd track popped up now and then on his YouTube, but there wasn't anything soild. In 2011 he's making a come-back and Nuttin On Voltz is the first step. Many new Grime fans may not know who Voltage is, so I decided to have a quick catch up with him. We summed up where he's started, who he rated in the Grime scene now, what's happening with the next volume of Certified Talent and talks all things to do with Nuttin On Voltz.

We didn’t hear much from you in 2010, so for the new fans of Grime who joined the scene in 2009, 2010 or this year, can you please re-introduce yourself?
For those who don't know I go by the name of Voltage and I've been in the Grime scene for a good few years now . I've released plenty of projects in the past such as Currently In Charge Volumes 1 and 2, Spare Electricity Volumes 1 and 2, A Real Shock Promo CD which me and Realist worked on, plus Certified Talent, the mixtape which me Maxsta and Nutcase worked on.

There's als been plenty of other material floating all over the net. For example Tim Westwood shows, GrimeDaily, Logan Sama and SB.TV freestyles, just search my name and see what I'm about. 

Over the years I've worked with household names of the UK scene such as Maxsta, Dot Rotten, Double S, Scrufizzer the list goes on and on. I'm coming straight out of East London, East Ham E6 where it all started for me.

This year you’re back with Nuttin’ On Voltz. What made you call the mixtape that title? Do you feel that the level of the other MCs in Grime isn’t up to the standard you are yourself?

(Laughs) I like that question. Nah it's not really to prove anything to anyone, it's just a statement really. Plus I know while I've been away people are saying all sorts of madness like I fell off or I'm dead now which made me laugh really after the amount of work I've put in over the years. So really it's just a quick message to let people know don't ever sleep on my name, it's a bad mistake. I just thought the name had a good effect for a comeback, plus it's the name of the main tune on there so it made sense to me to name it that.

Who do you currently rate in the Grime scene at the moment then?

Obviously my brothers Maxsta & Scrufizzer are doing the damn ting, they're going in like they have been from years ago. But to be honest yeah I haven't really been listening to who's about, I'm just trying to concentrate on what i'm doing for now. I've been more intrested listening to the producers, right now im rating producers like Flava D, Z Dot, Teddy plus a few more.

Back to your new release though. Who can we expect to hear features from, and who’s on the production side of things?

I haven't got a lot of features on this EP for a first you know. Most of the features are just choruses really. Faith SFX features on one chorus, Dot Rotten on a couple, and a new singer I've been working with called Chloe Belle, she goes in! I've got a few tunes from a while ago on there too. Also such as Working Overtime that features both Double S and Brutal also.
You'll catch productions from Maniac, G Tank, Dot Rotten, Faith SFX and Lunakidz Music plus more.

How did you go about selecting who featured on the track and what beat to use?

I tried to just go by who I think I'd sound good working with, so I just hollered at who I know is talented and will sound sick as a feature. As for producers I just went for the sort of beats I think I sound best on.

You’ve also shot two videos from the release already (Magic Carpet and Nuttin’ On Voltz), do you have plans to shoot anymore videos from the release?

Yep, but I'm not going to say what for yet, gonna keep that a surprise. As for Magic Carpet that weren't really a music video. I'm considering if it'll get done properly as the tunes getting mad love at the moment, but yeah I'll let everyone know when I know what the plan is.

In terms of downloads have you been surprised with the amount of hits it’s had? After all you’ve been quiet for a good year or so now music wise.

Yeah you know, I was surprised still. I'm just glad to see no-ones forgot what I'm capable of and I'm gonna keep letting them know as I got alot more to show. Just remember to keep checking my new site in the future people!

What was your personal favourite from Nuttin’ On Voltz and why?

Errm, thats a hard one you know as I specificly made sure none of the tunes sounded similar, so they're all different tunes for different moods. My favourite three I'd probably say are Reach The Sky In Puffs, Magic Carpet and Shine Like Volts.

What else can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

Well for my EP I recorded plenty more tunes that I never decided to put on there, plus I got so much written down that aint been used. So just know I'm already on the steps for my next project and I got videos in the pipeline so your gonna be seeing alot of me this year. Shout out to my new label Lunakidz also!

Ideally which artist and producer would you most like to collaborate with and why?

Errm Ed Sheeran is sick, l I think we'd make something sick together. Hopefully in the future it'll gets done. Producer wise I've always thought Davinche was sick!

(Voltage, Maxsta & Nutcase)
When I spoke to Maxsta a few months back I asked him about Certified Talent and if there will be another edition. Can you update us on it?

Boy...I don't know you know. We're all busy working on our own stuff as of late, but I'm not psychic, so yeah maybe one day!

Download Nuttin On Volz for free here, and follow Voltage on Twitter - @VoltageOfficial.

Words by Graeme Day