Shystie - Doppelgänger (Azealia Banks War Dub) [Radio Rip]

The Shystie versus Azealia Banks feud isn't over. For those who don't know, I'll sum up the qualms between the pair quickly. Shystie and Azealia made a track together (Control It), shot a video, everything was done and dusted to release the track, Shystie's management put the video out, Azealia got it pulled fom YouTube. She didn't like it. The US star also tried to block the release of the track too.

From there there's been tweets back and forth on Twitter. Typical of artists in 2013. But thankfully Shystie hasn't forgotten her roots, the Grime scene, where war dubs are king (or queen in this situation). Unlike many artists who simply sit and bitch on Twitter nowadays, Shy took to the studio and laid down a track for Ms. Banks. Check it out above. Charlie Sloth premiered it last night on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

The Pink Mist EP is on iTunes now. Go download it.