Dream Mclean - Weatherman EP [Review]

More times than not signing to a major will ruin an "urban" artist (as they're classed in the mainstream). Thankfully, this hasn't happened to Dream Mclean. Since signing to Chase & Status' label he's been slowly introduced to the mainstream side of music through free downloads and a lot of support from BBC 1Xtra. The Weatherman EP is Dream Mclean's first official release on MTA Records. It's worth the wait for sure.

The best thing about Dream Mclean's music is that he hasn't change. Dre's now playing around with better quality beats, the tunes sound smoother too and he's going in the right direction. The Weatherman EP boasts productions from the likes of Johan Hugo, High Frequency and Jason Farsight.

Straight from the off the Regime collective member talks about Mephedrone and a girl taking a pill in a club. Real life Friday night stuff. His music may involve typical drugs and woman, but not in the American Hip-Hop way. He isn't selling them or bragging about girls he gets, Dream Mclean is describing what happens up and down the country every single weekend. You can relate to what he's saying, you've probably done it before yourself. If you haven't, I'm sure you know someone who has. Weatherman is up-tempo and witty.

One thing I respect Essex' finest for is bringing his crew along with him. There's been a few artists who've gone mainstream and not done this. This EP sees Siris (Coke and Vodka) and Bandit Blacks both get a couple verses in. Titanic has a mellow and darker feel to it. Yet again like Weatherman, you can relate to what both Dream and Siris are spitting about. It's a zoners.

Continuing with the relaxing vibe of the EP track three is White Lies. Dre opens the track with a Dot Rotten-esque sounding hook. "Ignorance is bliss". This track sees Dream Mclean touch on the subject of God. A sensitive subject, but never-the-less he pulls it off.

Wrapping up this superb four track EP is Take Me Away. This track sees Dream Mclean and Bandit Black talk about life. Take Me Away has the same sort of feel and sound to the rest of the EP. If you're looking for something to sit back and listen to whilst smoking the herbal remedy I suggest you pick it up.

The Weatherman EP is avaliable from the 22nd May.

Edit: Download the Weatherman EP now for free here.

Words by Graeme Day.