Interview: Once Upon A Grime meets Ghetts

Recently, the OUAG team met up with veteran grime artist Ghetts at a shoot for KA drinks #AAAKA project. KA's new campaign features some of the most prominent grime acts in the UK. KA have pulled a few strings and got together Ghetts, Tempa T, Lady Leshurr and Paigey Cakey to help advertise their products. The project involves secret events and access all area opportunities. We took this chance to talk to Ghetts about KA drinks, his new album and his opinion on the Grime/Trap progression.

How does it feel working with KA on the #AAAKA campaign? 

Yeah it’s good because I drink a lot of KA, I drank KA before they even approached me to be honest. This isn’t even a sales pitch, but yeah it’s been good.

How can people get involved with the #AAAKA competition? We heard there’s some free tickets up for grabs? 

Check out the KA website, details are on there ( or hashtag #AAAKA

Moving onto Grime now. What’s the difference between your previous release, "Calm Before the Storm", and you’re forthcoming release "Rebel With A Cause"

"Rebel With A Cause" is more conception, it’s more mature. It’s also got more depth than "Calm Before The Storm". It’s definitely deeper.

Have you got any features you want to let us know about? 

I think I’m going to leave that one as a surprise for you. 

So when’s the album out? 

End of summer, but I don’t want to say a specific date because it keeps getting pushed back. Not because of me, just other stuff is going on. But at the end of summer, hopefully early September. But definitely this year.

Will you be releasing any more videos before you put it out?

100%. You see a video within this month. 

Recently you released "the Classics" with Brotherhood, it’s a good concept, how’d that come about?

Brotherhood just reached out to me. I like what they’re doing; they've got a good vibe. They already had the concept previously and just sent me the track. I had no problem laying a verse on it.

In your opinion who’re the next up and comers in the scene? 

Brotherhood are doing their thing. It’ll be good to see what they’ll come out with this year. Big up Brotherhood.

We've noticed some grime artists/producers working on trap-esque sounds at the moment. What do you think about the whole change in scene? 

Don’t get me wrong I like trap music, I work differently though. When I link up with producers for my own projects they make the beat from scratch, so it’s like what I would do if I could produce. It’s very organic.

So who in Trap do you like then? 

I don’t even have enough knowledge to be honest to even say a name. I’ll probably just end up saying the baitest name. 

We’ve been hearing a lot of hype about "Ghetts it in Gang" (GIIG) clothing? 

Yeah, the website’s up and running you can order the clothes from there. check it out.

Keep an eye out on the blog and KA’s website for future updates on the #AAAKA competition. Also don’t forget to follow Ghetts and KA on Twitter (@JCLARK_OFFICIAL & @KAdrinks) and check out the "Ghetts It In Gang" website here.

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Questions by Graeme Day and Cameron Craven
Written by Cameron Craven. 
Edited by Graeme Day.