WAFFLESNCREAM SS'13 Lookbook [Clothing]

You couldn't guess from the weather outside, but it's basically summer now. It's June in less than a week. Luckily WAFFLESNCREAM have introduced a new colourway of their Crack Is Wack jacket into the spring/summer collection of 2013. Hit the jump for more info and photos.

The inspiration behind the summer range comes from the crews annual sailing trip to St Tropez (as you can see from the photo above). The sailing colour for the region of St Tropez is yellow and the brand sponsors a team out there, hence the use of the primary colour.

The SS'13 collection from WAFFLESNCREAM is pretty clean. In total there's three white tees and a vibrant yellow colourway of the '69 t-shirt (also available in white). In addition to these products there's also a brand new navy strapback with the initial W stitched into the front.

The second new hat added to their SS'13 line being the all black bucket hat. The hat features their signature logo as well as a red "X marks the spot" cross onto of the hat.

As usual all the prices end in 69p. T-shirts and hats cost £24.69 with the yellow Crack Is Wack jacket costing £60.69. Head over to WAFFLESNCREAM's website here for more photos and to pick up a couple bits of clothing.