Free Download: Blizzard - 30​,​000 Followers EP

Blizzard has now amassed over thirty-thousand followers on Twitter. To celebrate this the Manchester based artist has decided to put out a free instrumental release. Even Blizzard is playing with that popular Trap sound. The sounds of this EP are varied thankfully, nothing two dimentional. You've got deep beats such as DMT, dark Grime productions such as Bass Heavy and as mentioned earlier, Trap, in the form of 100.

Hit the jump for the tracklisting, download here and catch Blizzard's latest Don't Flop freestyle after the break too.


1. 100
2. Unity Feat. D.D.S
3. DMT
4. In The Trenches
5. Bring The Funk
6. Bass Heavy
7. Rockaway
8. Take Off