Audio: Spooky - Rude Activity EP (Showreel)

In just under a months time we'll be able to pick up a new EP by Slew Dem's DJ Spooky. As well as the original Rude Activity by Spooky himself, on the release will also be Crude Activity by Trends and O.S.G Activity produced by DJ Myrikal. The Ghost House Records release will also feature Lord of the Hypes, the instrumental and Moony's remix of Rusty Bell

Listen the showreel below with the official tracklisting after the jump.


1. Spooky - Rude Activity 
2. Trends - Crude Activity
3. DJ Myrikal - O.S.G Activity
4. Spooky - Lord Of The Hypes (feat. Discarda & M.I.K) 
5. Spooky - Lord Of The Hypes (Instrumental) 
6. Spooky - Rusty Bell (Moony Remix)