Free Download: Last Japan's Toasty Appreciation Mix

Due to popular demand, Last Japan has re-uploaded his Toasty appreciation mix. The just shy of an hour mix contains tracks solely produced by Toasty. It's almost a 100% vinyl mix. Listen and enjoy below with the tracklisting after the break.


She - Toasty 
Strange Days - Toasty
 Live Life Feel It - Toasty 
Like Sun - Toasty 
Skinny - Toasty 
Some Kind Of Noise - Toasty 
Splash - Toasty 
Full Clip - Toasty 
Cold Blooded - Toasty 
Dream Weaver - Toasty 
On Something - Toasty 
Dibble - Toasty  
Guesswork - Toasty 
One Life - Toasty 
Angel - Toasty 
Take It Personal - Toasty T
he Knowledge - Toasty 
Domino - Toasty