Free Download: Mr Mitch - Peace Dubs Volume One

This release by Mr Mitch has to be one of the most exciting and creative releases in a while. Mr Mitch always tries to do something creative and innovitive with his music. With the Peace Dubs, he's taken some of Grime's most hyped beats and turned them the complete opposite direction. He's made them calm and relaxing. An interesting concept and he's pulled it off quite well.

As usual hit the jump for the tracklising and download Peace Dubs Volume One for free here.


1. Davinche - Last Night (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit) 
2. Wiley - Eskimo (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit) 
3. Plastician - Japan (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit) 
4. Wonder - What Have You Done (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit) 
5. Spooky - Spartan (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit) 
6. Faze Miyake - Take Off (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit)