Style & Fashion: Urban Nerds "Club Capsule" Collection

If you're still slacking this winter and don't have a new beanie or warm jumper, then Urban Nerds' new drop might just interest you. The brand born in East London have released a few new pieces just before the festival period. Everything is limited edition and made in the UK. Check them out after the jump.

We'll do a reverse of Drake and start at the top, then work our way down. So first up we've got the beanies. Basic, warm, nothing too fancy. You won't impress the hipsters in Shoreditch with these, but who cares? You're nice and warm. Thankfully they're not too pricey either, just £15.99.

Sticking with our craniums, there's also a new 5-panel too. This all black hat features the same stitched logo as the beanies. Nice and simple priced at £20.99.

Like many brands Urban Nerds have simply transferred a t-shirt design onto their jumpers too. It's cold outside. You can't be walking around in a t-shirt in December (in the UK at least). Limited to just twenty-five pieces each, the "black players" t-shirt and jumper print was inspired by playing cards. Both respectably prices at £20.99 and £38.99 each. Pick up all these products on the Urban Nerds site now.