Audio: Tre Mission - Easy Access x Real Grind Feat. Wiley & Andreena

Tre Mission for me is at the forefront of what good music sounds like in 2014. His album Stigmata is just around the corner and we've got two new tracks from Tre today. The first is a beat called "Easy Access". It has that Royal-T'esque garage sound to it. Mission man's production has stepped up in quality very quickly. I'm not too sure if his new album is souly his own beats or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

If you came onto the blog searching for new Tre Mission vocals though, you're also in luck. Boiler Room got an exclusive tracks from "Stigmata" and uploaded it to their Soundcloud yesterday. "Real Grind" features king of Grime Wiley with Andreena on the hook.