Video: Boiler Room x Boxed LDN

Myself and Riskit were at the Boiler Room x Boxed LDN event and it's safe to say these guys are the future of Grime. Hopefully all these dead and washed up MC's will soon fade into the distance and the revival of instrumental Grime is upon us. Boxed LDN with their club nights and releases in general from these producers are the reason why the production side of Grime is back on the rise.

On the night for me Dark0 has the best set, and I think Spooky was Riskit's favourite. There's three hours of footage to get through. So I suggest if you're not doing anything this Friday night, put it on in the background and give it a listen. If not, break the video down into sets from the DJ's throughout the week.

Download the audio here.