OUAG x Spooky // 5th Anniversary Set // Deja Vu FM - 24/11/14

Last night we shut down Deja Vu FM. To celebrate the blog reaching the grand old age of five, OUAG teamed up with Spooky for a special anniversary set on Deja Vu FM. 12 MC's on the flyer turned into Deja Vu getting mobbed with around 50 MC's battling it out for the mic. There's legends, future legends, live clashes, flops and everything else that comes with a Grime set involved. No pre-recorded, touched up stuff. Raw Grime. After the break is the full set, plus a couple photos and Instagram videos from the night. Photography from Wot Do U Call It will be up later in the week.
The list goes as following (sorry if I've missed anyone, message me if you're on the set); Chronik, G Man, DPower, Hyper, Sharky Major, Stormin, Majicall, Scrufizzer, Drifter, Saskilla, Jamkay, Koder, Tempo, Ghostly, Discarda, Lusion, Villain, Big Shizz, Jammin, RD, Cadell, Izzie Gibbs, Mez, Snowy, Row.D, C Cane, Pawz, Jammz, Riskit, Aks, Ill Brain, Lady Shocker, Durrty Skanx, PK, Lyrical Strally, Foxamous, Christian King (Terrorsum) Dubz D, Big Zuu, AJ Tracey, Ski, L. Shockz, Grimey MicPol, Kaniva, Kay Doggz & more!

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