Release: Amy Becker's first compilation "TRX"

On the 18th May Amy Becker put out her first compilation, "TRX", through new record label Reload. It's stream only at the moment, but you'll be able to download it from the 25th. To do so you'll have to pick up limited edition zine which'll contain a unique download code for the compilation. These will be able at selected record stores throughout the UK.

Amy on the release as seen in the artwork:

“As this is my debut compilation, I wanted it to be representative of my club sets and radio shows. I don’t have any rules when it comes to selecting music, so featuring tracks that embody a diverse range of genres was important to me. Each artist is someone that I highly rate and have been following for a while, so it was exciting to receive their submissions and chat to them regularly throughout the process – hearing D Double E’s vocal on the instrumental that Last Japan sent me was a definite highlight. It’s taken almost a year but I’m extremely proud.”

Stream the release here and listen to Amy Becker's mix featuring every track from the compilation below.


1. Ellipse - Air Max '97 
2. Hornets Jam - Rushmore 
3. Askurs Reese - Benton 
4. Refresh Control - She's Drunk 
5. Pisces - Sinden 
6. Metamessage 3 - Akito 
7. Bombeiro - Doctor Jeep & Tony Quattro feat. MC GI 
8. Aero - Nightwave 
9. Cove (Sequence) - Galtier 
10. Till Da Morning Comes - Last Japan feat. D Double E 
11. Serial Bus - Krizzli 
12. Mylar Swamp - Strict Face 
13. Thundershorts - Salute 
14. Tracksuit Riddim - Slick Shoota 
15. My Body - Ticklish