Raider releases 'The Prologue' on iTunes

Raider has to be one of the best and most underrated in Grime at the same time. Recently though we've been starved a bit of music from him. Thankfully Raid's has been in the studio putting music together. "The Prologue" contains fourteen tracks and only two features, those coming from Don Menna and Grim Sickers on "Blue Marlin". This mixtape should be a defiant one to add to your collection. Below is the tracklisting as well as a iTunes link to purchase.


1. Four In the Morning
2. Pieces of Paper
3. The Journalist
4. Winter Wife
5. Mr Fox
6. Drink & Smoke (feat. Don Menna)
7. Blue Marlin (feat. Grim Sickers
8. Low Life
9. Dwayne Johnson
10. Flash Raider
11. Better Place
12. Silver Scriptures
13. Lethal B
14. Phoenix

Purchase now on iTunes.