Stream Kamakaze & Massappeals - 'Royal Blud' EP here

After teaming up with Nottingham's Snowy for an EP, producer Massappeals has shifted his attention across the Midlands. For his most recent project Massappeals has teamed up with the main frontrunner of Grime in the city of the Premier League champions, Leicester's Kamakaze.

Having come to the attention of the masses through the Red Bull Grime-a-side clashes, Kamakaze started off 2017 with the anthem 'Year of the Kamdog'. The opening track of the 'Royal Blud' EP was praised left, right and centre across the boards. From this EP 'Pull Ups' is a personal highlight of the five tracks selected.

You can stream the 'Royal Blud' EP below or purchase through iTunes.