Dizzee Rascal asks 'Wot U Gonna Do?'

For his latest visual Dizzee Rascal keeps a similar style to the last video 'Space'. Maybe it'll be a running theme through his forthcoming album 'Raskit'? 'Wot U Gonna Do?' sees Dizzee brings some real talk and thought provoking lyrics to the front of the music scene and aims directly at artists with the lyrics; 

"What you gonna do when your fans don't care 'cos they're all grown up and all moved on?".

After spending many years in the industry I think Dizzee Rascal knows what he's spitting about on this one. Lets hope the rest of 'Raskit' is up to this standard.

Listen to 'Wot U Gonna Do?' through our Spotify playlist here or purchase the track here.