Footage from 22nd September Grime Originals event

Last Friday the biggest Grime Originals event was held so far. "It's the new Eskimo Dance" a certain Roll Deep rhymer said on Twitter the other day.

Sharky Major's event shifted location from it's previous venue with Fire in South-West London hosting the dance this time around. The building was packed out. Last time around Skepta turning up last time on his own accord who would grace the mic this time? None other than the Godfather of Grime. Wiley took to the stage in his now infamous Arsenal tracksuit to spray some bars alongside the likes of Gods Gift, Manga Saint Hilare, Bossman Birdie, Prez T, Bruza and Chronik. 

Risky Roadz and Inde Visuals caught the night on camera with more footage to be uploaded soon.