Capo Lee drops 'Capo The Champ' project

2017 has been a very good year for Capo Lee. He kicked off the year with the 'Stop Talk' EP and is wrapping it up with 'Capo The Champ'. In between he's dropped a couple big singles and killed the tracks he's featured on.
'Capo The Champ' is an eight track release with only two features, Bossman Birdie and D Double E. Not a bad duo. The tracks are skippy, catchy and not music to sit and relax too. They'll turn raves over when played. That sort of vibe. Teddy and Faze Miyake are two producers who've provided the beats for this project.

The project title track 'Capo The Champ' and 'Style & Swag' are two personal highlights with bars such as; "they say clashing brings you back, I say hard work brings you plaques". See Sir Spyro as a living example of that bar.

'Capo The Champ' features on our Spotify playlist, but you can purchase the project in full on iTunes, stream on Apple Music or listen on Spotify below.