YGG set sights for 'World Domination'

Trios in grime are hard to come by. Whilst some may think of the production team The Heavytrackerz or even UK rap threesome Belly Squad, none have been making waves in grime of late like the three lads from Camden, YGG. 2017 has seen YGG (short for 'You Get Grime') mashing up radio set after radio set, releasing a track with bassline pioneer DJ Q, and now delivering their first official project: the World Domination EP. 

Whilst we are treated to one individual track each from PK, Lyrical Strally and Saint P, it is when all three come together that the real chemistry happens. Recruiting the services of legendary produces like Faze Miyake and Treble Clef, YGG have proven themselves to be at the forefront of grime in 2017, and this EP is here to show it. Stream the full release below: