Catch up on footage from #BeatBoss6

It's that time of the year again. 8 of the most sought after grime producers going head-to-head, beat for beat, to decide who comes out on top in this ultimate producer war. The most recent competition saw a seriously heavy line up take to the stage and without a doubt produced some of the most memorable clashes Beat Boss has ever seen. There's probably too many highlights to mention, but a personal one has to be what I'm aptly naming Fallow's 'Bagpipe Riddim' vs defending champion Rapture 4D. Fallow impersonated and mocked his Scottish opponents production style, with a Rapture 4D parody tutorial that you can listen to at 13 mins 40 seconds of the full video. Fallow made it all the way into the final, where Jammz, someone perhaps better known to many for his skill with the mic, eventually got the better of him to claim the crown. 

If you've got about 4 hours on your hands, and want to hear some of the maddest war dubs and sends from the likes of Polonis, Neffa-T, Mistakay, Sir Hiss and more, the full footage can be found below. Be sure to follow @BeatBossGrime on Twitter for more details of the next clash.