Saint takes aim at Reece West, Yizzy and Grim Sickers on brutal diss 'Camel Face'

YGG's Saint P is currently embroiled in a bitter rivalry with North London MC Reece West. The two lyricists first bumped heads on last year's KISS Grime Xmas Special, and did the same once again on its 2017 incarnation this week.

A few days ago, Reece posted a 2011 freestyle of his over a Rynsaman beat, allegedly proving that Saint's "bounce, tell a boy bounce" lyric was stolen from him. Saint dismissed these claims and insisted that he had the upper hand on their most recent clash:

In light of this, Saint has taken it upon himself to release a fiery war dub entitled "Camel Face". The diss track, produced by Swifta Beater, also calls out 17-year-old Lewisham MC Yizzy for "stealing" bars, as well as Swindon MC Grim Sickers, who apparently "tried follow [YGG member Lyrical Strally] and got shegged".

Earlier today, Saint was on the receiving end of a new diss track from W.A.V.E Gang member Shannon Parkes, entitled "Bad Hair Day". The song, which was borne out of DJ Argue's 'Hell in a Cell' Radar Radio show, sends for Master Peace and namesbliss as well as Saint, the latter of whom insulted Shannon's lip piercing on Twitter. The self-produced dub was pulled from his SoundCloud just hours after its release, accumulating just over 100 plays.

It seems that Saint either didn't get a chance to hear Shannon's dub, or has merely chosen not to address it. Anyway, you can check out "Camel Face" below: