Daffy channels R&G vibes on the ducking brilliant 'Wifey Material' EP

Bristol producer Daffy has this week released a skippy new project entitled Wifey MaterialThe six-track EP is available for free download via Pear Drops, the diverse label which he founded alongside BBC presenter Thadeous Matthews in 2014. Fellow Bristolians Mordecai and MJK also lend a hand to the production, contributing their signature sounds to "Sometimes" and "Fallin'" respectively.

Each track is rooted in nostalgic R&B samples, which are sliced up beyond recognition and repackaged at the familiar tempo of 140BPM to form silky rhythm and grime instrumentals. Standout tracks include "Come Over", which samples the Aaliyah song of the same name and combines a breezy acoustic guitar slide with slick percussion, and the closer "Close 2 U", a polyphony of serene pads, dreamy arpeggios and foley sounds which perfectly encapsulates the aura of the EP as a whole.

Wifey Material is available to stream and download below: