Dirty Danger makes a long-awaited return with 'So Real'

Bow E3's Dirty Danger, best known for his role in the exalted East London crew Ruff Sqwad, has marked a return to the grime scene today with the release of a new single entitled "So Real". The self-produced track serves as the opening track from his forthcoming album, Only for the Real. The man himself has described it as "a raw taster to what I have in store this year".

Over an ominous two-minute production, interspersed with a brief trumpet solo, David depicts bleak living conditions, sharing stories of petty theft and gun crime in his neighbourhood. He takes the May administration to task over their social policy, spitting: "Man got it for cheap out here / The government don't want us to eat out here."

With his next single, "Run", already slated for an imminent release, the grime veteran is well and truly in album mode. Check out the new track below and keep an eye out for future updates via Once Upon A Grime.