Mez #BleepTestFreestyle on Radar Radio

Mez has come a long way from battle rapping in Nottingham and his journey upwards (or southwards) has shown him to be one of the most interesting MCs about. His flow's shelly, and most of all his energy infectious, but Mez's #BleepTestFreestyle is just another list of videos to add to your favourites.

Beginning slow and working his way upward to 170bpm (and pre-emptively preparing himself for 180), Mezez affirms our suspicions that he's not only one of the most interesting micmen to do it, but that his lyrical ability surpasses and strikes through any sort of instrumental - irrespective of speed. A vibe over the slower stuff, and an absolute demon over drum'n'bass, we here at OUAG are going to be bumping this one for a while.