Nico Lindsay releases visuals for new song 'Codename Lin'

Produced by the man himself and spat with his nonchalant force, Nico Lindsay’s new single Codename Lin confirms that each banger the MC makes constitutes as another addition to his list of anthems. From making tracks like Facts with TSVI in 2016, slewing sets with the likes of Trim and Swamp81 last year, and finally releasing his own produced track in January, Nico Lindsay has only proved that he’s one of the most versatile micmen to do it.

The video, shot in black and white, is filmed and edited by prominent videographer Saoud Khalaf (who made the videos to 'Original Raggamuffin' and Manga and Jammz’ 'Young') and Jordan Robinson. The video’s daunting realism as Lindsay walks us through London flawlessly delivering his bars into the camera sits fittingly against the sparse beat. It doesn’t pan out the same way though, and we find Lindsay taking it into full horror mode with the choral synths and a beastly hook, leaving his imprint in our eardrums for time to come.