OUAG presents Sunday Sets - 001

Welcome to the first Sunday sets segiment on OUAG. Every week we're aiming to collect the best sets of the week all in one spot to prepare you for the week ahead. There's a lot of hours in the working week to kill, so here's a few hours worth of music to help you along the way.

Week one has a range of MC's from grime vets to the new wave of the younger generation of grime MC's coming through at the moment. Sharky Major heads to DJ Jedah's show for a Grime Originals special, DJ Target hosts a Nottingham special on 1Xtra, whilst it's A.G's turn in the Grime show hotseat on Rinse FM and Nico Lindsay joins her in the studio. Check out our list below and send submissions to onceuponagrime@gmail.com if you've got a set you'd like considered to be placed on OUAG.

DJ Jedah Grime Originals Special with Sharky Major, Face, Ears, Dizzle Kid, Durrty Skanx & Shax

Grime Sessions with Namesbliss, Logan, Razor, Collistar, Kabz, Keys Hecate & Cassie Rytz

Nico Lindsay with A.G on Rinse FM's 'the Grime show'

Novelist freestyle & interview with Rude Kid on KISS Grime

Snowy & friends Grime set for DJ Target

The Joints Show w/ Big Zuu feat. D7, Merky Ace, Ets, Kamakaze, SBK, Tommy B & more

0115 Mob set for DJ Target