Premiere: Hear 'Ten 10', Jakebob's punchy contribution to GrimeDisciple's album

Avid followers of the instrumental grime scene will have found it hard to miss GrimeDisciple's trailblazing SoundCloud account in the past few years. Known for curating songs from the likes of Polonis, CREEP N00M, JT The Goon, MJK, and more, the beat aficionado has consistently supplied new music from some of the biggest names in the scene. It's no surprise, then, that his forthcoming compilation album Champion is a treasure trove of colossal, previously-unheard riddims from a whole host of artists including Jammz, Lemzly Dale, Sir Hiss, and Filthy Gears. The project drops this Friday 9 March, but we've got the exclusive today on one of its standout tracks: Jakebob's "Ten 10".

Hailing from Leominster, Herefordshire, MC-producer Jakebob could be classed as an outlier in the industry. However, he stands firmly rooted at the heart of the grime scene: known for a residency on Radar Radio, as well as releases on Project Allout Records and Rapture 4D's Glasgow-based label Plasma Abuse, he's steadily made a name for himself as an emerging talent within the scene. "Ten 10" is solid evidence of this. In combining punchy brass hits with snappy percussion and booming 808s, he's created one of the hardest-hitting cuts on the album. Check it out below and follow GrimeDisciple on Twitter for updates on the compilation.