'Playing Games' isn't an option with a Big Zuu and Merky ACE double team

Big Zuu and Merky ACE have this week unveiled a memorable new music video, courtesy of videographer Kaylum Dennis. The second single from Zuu's 'Hold Dat' EP, released earlier this year, 'Playing Games' is another addition to the artillery that both MCs exhibit. It's hard to find a track where Zuu and Merky ACE don't shell it completely, and a track like this makes that search just that little bit harder.

The bassline continues to get deeper and Zuu doesn't hold back when he releases his quick-fire flow from the very beginning. Similarly, Merky ACE returns with some older flows, and some delicious newer ones; with lines like "try violate? I'll be back like Arnie", it's tough to fault a track as vicious as this. Produced by Splurt Diablo (a pseudonym used by Merky himself), this track seems to have the perfect formula for a banger, but we'll let you decide through the stream below.