Merky ACE lets loose his long-awaited debut album 'War is Normal'

Now over ten years deep into his music career, Lewisham lyricist Merky ACE has finally released his hotly anticipated debut album, War is Normal. Featuring the three singles "TDF", "Black Hawk Down", and "Out of Order", the album is largely produced by ACE himself, under his Splurt Diablo alias. It also includes beats from Carns Hill, Footsie, and Tre Mission among others.

His most refined project yet, War is Normal has been in the works since 2015, and numerous songs including "What's the Program?" (featuring MIK) and "Ruff's the New Buff" were previewed on his SoundCloud years before their release. The latter song was re-recorded after Family Tree split and the lyrics on the chorus now make reference to various Tizzy Gang affiliates instead.

Merky slips into his alter ego, Mad Max, at numerous points on the album, including "Crash Bang Sound" and the DJ Argue-featuring skit "Anger Management". He describes this side of him as the "devil on my shoulder" and this is a recurring theme throughout the album.

Rich in vocabulary ("weren't business, it was personal / old-school like the name Percival") and in personal anecdotes ("long before I bagged my first draw / I did try stab a boy in primary school with the safety scissor"), this is one of the most unique bodies of work that the grime scene has seen in a long time. Stream it in full below: