OUAG reviews Filthy Gears '4Play' EP

So far in 2018, radio sets have left us very excited about forthcoming releases. When a beat you’ve been trying to ID for a while seems to evade forums and YouTube comments, it makes the release all the more satisfying. Filthy Gears' versatile new four-track EP, 4Play, is home to many such beats.

The EP opens up with a half-time, dubsteppy track entitled "Magneto". The stabbing mids cut through the sparse instrumentation in a very abrasive way, giving it a cold feel. This sets the tone for the tracks to come.

"Darker Place" follows, with its heavy strings-based production alongside strong synth work layering over. This one feels very old-school with a structure that’s just asking for MCs to body.

Skip to 1:38:30 to hear Gods Gift on one 'Filth X'

"Filth X" is where Gears really flexes his producer muscles, though. The horror strings with the bass distortion underneath give off a sound reminiscent of Trends and Boylan's "Norman Bates", but offer a really well-executed switch up on the eight-bar. This is probably the most heard track off the EP when it comes to radio sets; it’s very MC friendly, but really stands on its own as a production.

Rounding up the EP is "Scrub". A garage-esque synth bass sets up this one, which wouldn’t sound out of place on Mario Kart 64. It’s unmistakably Filthy Gears; choir vocals and brassy mids are his bread and butter.

Everyone knows Filthy Gears for the stripped-back, murky sounds we’ve all come to love over the last few years. Darker sounds are a go-to for a lot of DJs and this exceptional EP will ensure a couple more shells in the clip.

Pick up Filthy Gears '4Play' EP now on iTunes or Spotify.

Words by Tim Sanders
Edited by Graeme Day & Luke Ballance