Blay Vision and Dapz on the Map's voices gel perfectly on 'D.M.L'

In one of the most unexpected and exciting link-ups of the year, Tottenham MC-producer Blay Vision has linked up with Birmingham MC Dapz on the Map for a new single entitled "D.M.L" ("Dem Man Lie"). Both artists are known for bringing their soulful melodies to grime, and it's a treat to hear their voices gel together over a signature Blay production. 

The "D.M.L" instrumental consists of a game of call and response between luscious arpeggios and crunchy basslines, all wrapped together with tight percussion. Lyrically, the song is largely a celebration of the two artists' success ("Carhartt flexing, you know I look clean for the riddim"), and references Blay's September show with Smack ("see me in Prague just doing up a show"). Check out the audio below: