Trends is on top form with the 'Snake Bite' EP

Mean Streets head honcho Trends has one of the most instantly recognisable sounds in grime. Piercing synths are one of Ricky Trendell's specialties, and you can hear them in full force on his new Snake Bite EP, released on Monday via the Oxford-based producer's Bandcamp. Artwork for the project comes courtesy of Future Curse.

The EP's title track, "Snake Bite", juxtaposes a gritty bassline with hollow, guttural throbs, switching into an exhilarating half-time pattern towards the end to keep listeners on their toes. Second track "Jump 'n' Shout" is dominated by a detuned melody line, which pops up in triplet bursts. The third offering from the project, "Moody Bastard", is the most in-your-face, combining unrelenting claps with the clever use of panning on the synths, which allows them to bounce from ear to ear when heard through headphones. On closing song "Saw (Part 1)", Trendell populates the track with trap-inspired snare rolls, which are central to driving its overall rhythm.

While the songs are equally hard-hitting, there's also a great variety of different rhythms at play here. On top of that, Trends switches up the sound design entirely from track to track. These four songs have helped cement the man's already indisputable status as one of the most innovative producers in grime today.