P Money and Little Dee finally unleash their joint 'Back To Back' project

This release has to be one of the most anticipated of 2018 so far. With all this "grime's dead" talk because it's not in the mainstream media as much as 2016, this joint P and Little Dee EP will hush those doubters. With their initial JDZ Media "Back To Back" freestyle and most recently "Coldest Flows" showcasing the levels, there's seven more fresh tracks on this joint project to vibes to. Capo Lee, Footsie, SafOne and Blacks feature on the project; other than that, it's these two long-term OG friends barring together throughout. Something many grime fans have been crying out for for a long time. OGz aren't exactly as active as they used to be, so this project is a real treat for their fans.

Stream and listen to P Money and Little Dee's joint EP, Back To Back, below on Spotify. Alternatively pick it up now on iTunes.

Photography by Vicky Grout.