Tommy B revisits the classic Lewi White beat used by Ghetts on 'Commandments 2.0'

18-year-old Essex MC Tommy B has unveiled the visuals to "Commandments 2.0", the third single from his recent Racing EP. Tackling the classic Lewi White instrumental used on the opening track from Ghetts' seminal 2008 mixtape Freedom of Speech, Tommy seems to do the original justice, spitting bold, braggadocious lyrics such as "I'm the only new gen I'm admiring" and "I could open 'em up with one 64 / That's 48 more than they could spray at once".

In the new video, directed by AE Productions, Tommy recites most of his bars from the boot of a Mercedes v250. He even has time to watch the recent England-Colombia World Cup game from the backseat, so must have filmed this video very recently.

Tommy B's Racing EP is out now via DJ Argue's label Glitched. You can stream the full project here and watch the new video below: