Jakebob commands 'Attention' on his new instrumental EP

Artwork by Future Curse (@FutureCurse)

Leominster MC-producer Jakebob has had a bountiful year. Since January, he's dropped four instrumental EPs (Champion, 8JS, Fridge Freezer and Real Riddim) and a vocal mixtape (B Roll), and has given grime enthusiasts no choice but to pay attention to his fast-rising career. It's appropriate, then, that he's chosen to name his fifth EP of the year Attention.

The self-released project consists of four beats, spanning a variety of styles of grime. The sparse title track combines booming trap drums with delicate plucked synths and a Hitman Tiga sample, while second track "Certain Roads" marries up frenetic woodblock sounds with snappy, tight percussion.

"Strawberry Haze" adheres the most to a traditional grime instrumental structure, making use of a simple sine wave bassline and choppy drums. Closing track "Royal" is packed with fluctuating melodies and cunningly-timed pauses, rounding off the EP with some welcome energy and variation. 

The Attention EP is out now. Stream it in full via Spotify below, and head over to Jakebob's Bandcamp to grab the lossless files.