Kid D releases new album 'Authentic Expressions'

Kid D last blessed our ears with a full-length album all the way back in 2012, but after keeping us interested with regular solid EPs released mainly through his own imprint 2 Easy Records, he's back with another LP in 2018. Continuing to push his recognisable sound, with his typical mastery of string instruments and vocal samples, Kid D edges towards the R&G side of grime but seems to remain in his own lane.

On Authentic Expressions, the producer shows off his ability to combine punchy bass with the emotional mid and high end acoustics he is known for; perfectly exemplified on "Jet Pack" and "What I Do For You". Interestingly, the tracks featuring Ghetts, Kyze and Dotty are all on much slower beats, operating around the 100 BPM region, but Kid D is sure to recruit Lewisham's very talented Tigz to deliver one grime vocal banger on "Spray Off" before the album draws to an end.

Stream the full release below: