Premiere: Jakebob and Lingerz join forces for the playful 'Real Riddim'

Jakebob and Lingerz both operate chiefly as solo artists, but the synergy they demonstrate in the studio and behind the decks rivals that of an inseparable production duo. The two Herefordshire-based twenty-somethings have worked with one another extensively in the past on a diverse range of collaborations including the woodblock-laden grime number "Dusties" and the pounding UK funky tune "1 Ting", but have now taken their musical partnership to the next level with a collaborative EP entitled Real Riddim. Today, we're bringing you an exclusive glimpse of the upcoming project in the form of its title track.

Other songs on the project include "Rebore 4x4"—an old-school, minimal number consisting almost entirely of TR-808 drum machine samples and gunshot sounds—and the skippy, thumping "Worms Riddim". Rounding off the EP is "Giro Riddim", a half-time track built upon a foundation of tightly-programmed metal drums, which will be familiar to avid listeners of Spooky's Mode FM show.

Combining Lex Luger's iconic trap drum kit with featherweight melodies, a hearty bassline, and suspenseful pauses, the EP's playful centrepiece leans toward the lighter side of grime, yet still hits hard. With its tuneful, throbbing synths taking pride of place in the mix, "Real Riddim" has as much in common with Murlo as it does with Prince Rapid. Listen below.

The Real Riddim EP is out next Tuesday, 14 August, via Sydonia Recordings, an emergent imprint co-founded by Jakebob, Pheme and Katon. You can preview each of the songs right now via the label's SoundCloud, and stream the title track in full below: