Project Allout bring together top producers for free compilation 'Keep It Grime'

Sheffield-based record label Project Allout has always had a keen eye for new grime talent, and has got an equally impressive back catalogue of releases from some of the scene's biggest producers. On its new compilation Keep It Grime Vol. 1, the label has pulled out all the stops, placing instrumentals from revered producers like Spooky, Garna and Filthy Gears alongside works from up-and-comers such as BMC, Defiant and Oddkut. Unbelievably, it's completely free.

Keep It Grime Vol. 1 is a thoroughly international project. Among the nineteen tracks included are contributions from Spanish beatmakers Manul & Energy Man, Russian producers CREEP N00M and Dutty Tingz, and Japanese DJ Jacotanu. With such an extensive team of musicians involved, we're treated to a plethora of different sounds. At one end of the spectrum, Potentz opts for an old-school, sample-heavy style on "Justice", and at the other, KXVU's "Kori" is full to the brim with rich, sweeping soundscapes and oriental woodwind. There's something for everyone on here.

Stream and download your free copy of Keep It Grime Vol. 1 via Project Allout Records' Bandcamp below: