Snowy rides an off-kilter Andy Nicholson beat on 'Tier'

Nottingham MC Snowy made an exultant return to the scene in June with a new single entitled "Back from the Dead". It turns out he's also got an EP of the same name due for an imminent release, and fans have just been treated to the second single "Tier".

Over a turbulent, pulsating production from multitalented Sheffield-based creative Andy Nicholson, Snow puts his rivals in their place, taunting them with lyrics such as "you're pissed cuh your next holiday's in Skeg / But I get shows abroad and flown out".

The accompanying music video, crafted solely by Snowy and Nicholson themselves, is minimal in its concept and execution, and finds the young lyricist standing atop a building to symbolise how there are "not many man on [his] level or tier". Check it out below and find the song on Spotify here.