Dizzee Rascal releases new five track 'Don't Gas Me' EP

A couple weeks ago a suprise collab of Dizzee Rascal and Skepta was spread via the radio airwaves and social-media before surfacing on digital outlets. It was the old Dizzee in motion. Exciting times.

This track was followed by images of Dizz in the studio with various artists including the likes of D Double E, Frisco and P Money, only one of those names feature on Dizzee's new EP. Maybe a Grime project was to follow? Nope, the 'Don't Gass Me' EP is bass and dance driven. Not the cheesey pop Dizzee once created, it's actually good music, despite not being Grime throughout. Who'd have thought this time last year we'd have a Dizzee and Skepta track? Or Dizzee and P Money (alongside C-Cane too) in fact too?

'Don't Gas Me' may not be what we expected, but it's a sample of where Dizzee is going with his music right now and seeing as the D Double E and Frisco tracks didn't feature on the project, there's definitely more exciting music to come out of Dizzee's studio soon.

Stream the project below on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes here.