Ghetts drops thought provoking visual 'Black Rose' & announces new album

It's exciting times in Grime at the moment. All the OGs of the scene are releasing albums again, Ghetts is the latest artist to be added to that ever growing list of names. G-H is taking it back a few years, with this project being a follow up from the classic 'Ghetto Gospel'. This is the 'New Testament'.

Far from the angry flows and sharp tongue of Ghetto, in 2018 Ghetts is more 'woke'. 'Black Rose' hears Ghetts come from the angle of a father, a grown man. Sampling his daughter asking the question of why can't she see any dolls like her in the shops, this one hits you in the chest from the outset. It's a problem many woman of colour have experienced growing up and Ghetts explains this during the opening of the video. It's not a Grime track, it's Ghetts' music. A snippet of what to expect from the album as Kojey Radical joins him on this one.

Stream the track on all digital outlets here, watch the visual below and pre-order 'Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament' here.