Ghetts gives out a reality check on new Donae'o collaboration 'Preach'

The past couple of years have been incredible for us grime fans as the scene’s legends hand over modern releases. Ghetts is on course for his 2018 album, Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament, and it's one that the majority of us are eagerly awaiting. Elder fans are delivered a sequel to a historical classic, whilst the young are awoken to one of grime's most passionate, versatile and talented MCs.

After the thought-provoking "Black Rose", Ghetts seems to merge back into his sharper-tongued alter ego to drop his second single from the album, "Preach".
Here, we see him and Donae’o team up over a Swifta Beater production to remind us to “practice what you preach”. Stabbing pianos open up for a preached vocalisation on people's words and actions, and how they may not correlate. Donae’o follows with the chorus, pushing his vocal range potentially in mimic of this church-feel, as Ghetts takes charge of the verses. Going at every type of human, G-H is unapologetic and takes no prisoners in his exact analysis.

Ghetts is an artist who has grown monumentally throughout his career – going through changes of explosive attitudes, consciousness, tranquillity and lyrical substance. His ability to deliver bursts of exuberance, directly alongside swells of calmness and wisdom, is what makes this forthcoming album so enticing. Seventeen Ghetts track this Friday, are you ready?

Get prepared with "Preach" below, and pre-order your copy of Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament here.