Hitman condemns fake MCs on icy new single 'The Roads'

Birmingham heavyweight Hitman is the living embodiment of an ethos of quality over quantity. The seasoned spitter has released a steady but consistent trickle of singles over the last few years, including "Get Along Gang", "Work" and "Come Through", and has kept fans hooked with occasional features for artists like P Jam, Deadly and Jay0117 in the mean time. Since 2016, he's had his head down in the studio quietly crafting The Hitlist, a full-length project, which is now finally nearing completion.

And from what we've heard of it so far, The Hitlist seems to be very much worth the wait. Hitman's latest offering from the CD comes in the form of "The Roads", an icy new single produced by Bristol's OH91. Set against a backdrop of boundless, reversed synth plucks, crunchy percussion, and brass stabs, he warns wannabe badmen on the song's hook: "mind what you're saying out here 'cause you can get wigged". Elsewhere on the track, you'll find similes and metaphors in abundance, with references to North London MC Scorcher, drug trafficker Frank Lucas, and the Xbox game UFC: Tapout among the song's most memorable lyrics.

"The Roads" serves as a triumphant return for one of Brum's finest, and an exciting glimpse into his forthcoming mixtape. You can find the song from midnight on all major music platforms.