James Pyke seeks assistance from Snowy Danger and Sonny Reeves on 'Clouds'

James Pyke has been on a bit of a run recently, after joints consisting of the raw “Rinse Off Freestyle”, good-time “Beverage”, cold “And Dat”, and festival-vibe “Moonshine”. The Paper Aero Plane spitter links up with teammate Snowy Danger and frequent collaborator Sonny Reeves to produce “Clouds”.

This bouncy, quick-paced track is a poppier direction than usual for the three artists. It interpolates the chorus of LMC vs. U2's “Take Me To The Clouds Above”, which itself sampled Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know?". Disturbing London signee, Sonny Reeves, smashes his part and allows a melodic breakaway from the two MCs. Whilst Pyke and Danger present two similar verses in terms of feel and vibe, both bring their own bravado and flex. The subtle nuances and small differences in cadence, delivery and voice allow these two P.A.P. artists two branch out from each other, yet their energy and styles are well-fitted, particularly for this song.

Pyke's recent string of releases—starting out several months back with the raw, honest and blunt “barfest” of “Rinse Off Freestyle”—are testament to his versatility and artistic development. This most recent track is lighter, more positive and dynamic. Check it out below: