Last Japan marks the launch of new label Ascend with the Inner collab 'East Blocks'

Beginning with frosty, razor-edged strings, producers Last Japan and Inner launch us into their two-year-old, but newly-released collaboration, entitled "East Blocks". Almost as if to resemble East London’s often deserted concrete tower blocks, this instrumental is cold, eerie and minimal, though all the while embedded with an underlying force and substance.

Last Japan hails from Sutton, whilst Inner is from Finland – it’s exciting to see international connections like this, especially in grime. Last Japan’s cold back catalogue is laced with dramatic beats and certified features; Inner’s is stocked full of suspense and supernatural timbres, however, at times, merged well with pop vocal samples, bouncy rhythms and electric basses.

This link up seems something of an obvious notion. Both creatives produce music that is not so far away from each other, though at the same time bringing their individual sound and unique style via minute but vital intricacies.

As for "East Blocks", we’re more than ready to hear an MC jump on this and make it their own. This cold riddim is out now via Bandcamp, serving as an instant grat single from their forthcoming three-track collaborative EP Cold Ascent. The full project drops on 27 September, and marks the launch of Last Japan's new Circadian Rhythms label imprint Ascend.