Manga drops visuals for 'Lyrical Thuggery' featuring PK

Last month Manga dropped his highly anticipated EP, 'Outsiders Live Forever', a collaboration with young Bristol producer Sir Hiss, receiving high praise from the whole scene for their success in creating a sound returning to the roots of grime. If you have somehow gone the last month without hearing it, head over to our full review immediately - this is essential listening. 'Lyrical Thuggery' stood out as one of the more energetic tracks from the project, heavily featuring PK on the hook, first and third verses, with Manga taking more of a supporting role and letting the YGG member's quick-fire lyricism shine. The video fits with the EP's theme of simplicity, but with quality, stripped back instrumentals, as it flicks between the two MC's delivering their bars in a dimly lit room. Check out the video below.